Frequently Asked Questions About the Mitsubishi Jet Towel®

What are the Mitsubishi Jet Towel® hand dryer’s advantages over typical air-type hand dryers and paper towel dispensers?

  1. Speed - From the user standpoint, the biggest advantage is fast drying time. Compared with the 30 to 40 seconds required by typical air dryers, the Jet Towel reduces dry time to 10 seconds.
  2. Cost - Once up and running, you will notice significant cost savings with the Jet Towel. For example, a restroom that is used 200 times in a day will save an estimated $1,700 annually. The more it’s used, the greater the savings.
  3. Sanitation - Since there is absolutely no contact with the hands, Jet Towel® usage is very sanitary. Since no paper waste is generated, it offers the added benefit of keeping the washroom environment clean and tidy.
  4. Environmental Friendliness - Paper waste is completely eliminated with the Jet Towel, meaning fewer resources are consumed. Facilities around the country notice positive benefits of the Jet Towel.
  5. Simple Maintenance - Water from your hands is collected in the unit’s drain tank, keeping the floors clean and dry. With no more towel dispensers requiring refills, there’s no more paper waste to pile up. The Jet Towel® is designed for ease of maintenance.
  6. Design Factor - At first glance, you immediately notice the stylish design of the Jet Towel®. This design adds a ‘wow’ factor to almost any restroom.
  7. Electrical Efficiency - By operating for less time, the Jet Towel® use much less energy than traditional hand dryers. It even uses at least 10% less electricity than comparable hand dryers!

Aren’t 100% recycled paper towels more environmentally friendly than hand dryers, since hand dryers increase electric use?

Time and time again studies have found hand dryers to have a lower environmental impact than even 100% recycled paper towels. 100% recycled paper towels require transportation of source material to a production facility, where large amounts of chemicals and water are required for processing. After processing, fuel is used in transporting the paper towels to a distribution center before reaching restrooms. After use, paper towels still need transportation to landfills, where they release methane gas during decomposition.

Electricity, however, can be generated in numerous green ways, from solar power to hydropower. With 1 kilowatt hour of electricity, the Jet Towel can dry 340 pairs of hands and produces no waste to clog landfills.


How is the drying time reduced?

The Jet Towel® reduces drying time in two ways: First, the Jet Towel® blows high velocity air onto both sides of the hands simultaneously, reducing the overall drying time. Secondly, hands are inserted flat into the Jet Towel® ensuring that the maximum surface area is dried quicker.


Isn’t the Jet Towel® hand dryer more expensive than other types of hand dryers?

Box-style hand dryers are available for less than $1000 (US). Traditional dryers, however, are so slow that very few people actually use them and leave the restroom disappointed. High speed box dryers are noisy, messy, and unsanitary as the air intake is located directly behind the air jet and therefor sucks up wet, warm air. While the Jet Towel® may be more expensive than traditional dryers, most facilities see a ROI of 12 months or less.


What is the usable life of the unit?

Product life is determined by motor operation. Assuming use at an average rate of 400 times a day, this would give the Jet Towel® a life expectancy of at least 7 years.


What do first-time users need to know?

The Jet Towel® hand dryer is provided with explanatory stickers that provide simple instructions for first-time users.


Is there any potential harm from keeping the hands inside the unit longer than necessary?

To prevent potential abuse or misuse, the Jet Towel® hand dryer incorporates a built-in timer that automatically halts operation after 30 seconds. Once the hands are removed, the unit resets and resumes normal operation.


Can people with disabilities use the Jet Towel® hand dryer?

Absolutely. The Jet Towel® hand dryer is easy to access for people with disabilities and has the additional bonus of keeping the floors dry.


Why does the Jet Towel not have separate mounting heights for men, women, and ADA?

The design of the Jet Towel allows for easy access and satisfaction of ADA regulations at just one mounting height, 37” from the floor to the top of the dryer.


Can the unit be plugged into a conventional AC wall outlet?

No, the unit requires direct wiring.


Can the Jet Towel® hand dryer be used in locales with high temperature?

The Jet Towel® hand dryer design presumes use at ordinary room temperatures. If the unit is to be utilized at a location with higher than normal temperatures, it is advised that the necessary wiring precautions be taken. In general, the unit should not be used in any area where the temperature regularly exceeds 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).


Is extra wall reinforcement required when installing?

Extra reinforcement isn’t required for installation, but in the case of mounting on concrete walls, metal, or wood, screw plugs are advisable.


Still have questions?

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